All about mango wood furniture

About mango furniture…
Mango wood furniture is the popular style of Indian furniture, made from the abundant wood of the mango tree. This wood is ideal for making furniture and has a twisted and distorted grain that is often described at “flame like”. This grain makes each piece of mango wood furniture an eye catching and unique style.

Pieces of mango furniture
Mango wood furniture is available for the bedroom, living room and dining room with a range of different pieces that you would need for your home. In the bedroom you can add a range of mango beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobes. For the living room there is a selection of mango coffee tables, bookcases, tv cabinets and mirrors. For the dining room there are mango pieces like mango dining tables, sideboards and dining chairs.

Who needs mango furniture?
Mango furniture will suit any home as its design is usually unimposing, however due to its dark wood nature its a good idea not to use it in a small room as it may darken the room further. Alternatively you may find a range like the Mantis Light Mango Furniture that due to its light finish can be integrated into a small room quite successfully.

Mantis Light Mango Furniture   Mantis Dark Mango Furniture   Tokyo Mango Wood Furniture

Mantis Light Mango Furniture
Bedroom, Living & Dining


Mantis Dark Mango Furniture
Bedroom, Living & Dining


Tokyo Mango Wood Furniture
Bedroom, Living & Dining

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