all about mango beds

Mango beds are of the highest quality and because mango wood is a beautiful material these beds are absolutely lovely. Ranging in shade from very light to very dark, the colours available in these beds are astounding and sure to exactly match your vision of what a fine bedroom should look like. The light ranges [...]

all about mango chest of drawers

Coming up with creative and stylish ways to decorate and outfit your home can be accomplished through the use of the right pieces of furniture, especially those that are unique all on their own. In fact, using a mango chest of drawers in various areas of your home imparts a distinct sense of style and [...]

Find a Light Mango Furniture Range

You will definitely find Mantis light mango dining tables, chest of drawers and beds. Decorate the home office with a tall Baku light mango bookcase and a Shabby Chic mango table. Your bedroom will look nice with a Tokyo Brown Teak mango bed and a Mantis Oak mango bedside table. Family and friends will love [...]

Mango Wood Furniture Is the Way of the Future

Oak, teak, and pine – what do these three things have in common? They are all types of wood. While they may be the types of wood most people know about, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most popular. There is a new kid on the block and its name is [...]

Mango Wood Furniture: What’s It All About?

Have you ever tasted the juicy fruit from a mango tree? If you have, then you know it is very sweet, but what you may not know is that mango trees aren’t grown just for their fruit. They are used for their wood as well.
Harvesting and use of mango wood is very [...]

Where Does Mango Wood Furniture Come From?

Hailing from its natural habitat in the Indian subcontinent, mango fruit trees can be found in a variety of places. They are located in Mexico, India, much of East Asia, and Brazil. Although it is chiefly a fruit tree, it also is raised to give life to beautiful hardwood lumber and mango wood [...]

Recognition of Mango Wood Furniture

Nowadays, when people shop for furniture, they are very particular about what they want. They are detailed in their wish list because it is their top priority to make sure they have a beautiful home.
Furniture is what fills the empty spaces in a home. Furniture and accessories are what the neighbors [...]

Mango wood furniture: Exotic and Eco-Friendly

The world is currently facing a dangerous threat, as its natural resources are running dry. The reckless usage of the natural resources have placed too high a strain on the environment, and unless the world – industries and individuals alike – comes to terms with this reality, the phenomenon that has come to be known [...]

The Benefits of Mango Wood Furniture

Furniture is necessary for people to be able to live and work in specific spaces, be it interior or exterior. In other words, furniture is any object intended to facilitate man’s life and work while in a space.
What makes a bedroom a bedroom, or an office an office? Surely, these two [...]

Indian Mango Wood Furniture: Dark & Light Finishes

Hardwood is always ideal for the furniture making, but not every hardwood economical for the average homeowner. Everyone loves furniture created from natural hardwood. Affording such furniture is another matter entirely. Thankfully, mango wood furniture has solved the problem that many of the budget challenged face.
Mango wood furniture is relatively inexpensive but is just [...]