Indian Mango Wood Furniture: Dark & Light Finishes

Hardwood is always ideal for the furniture making, but not every hardwood economical for the average homeowner. Everyone loves furniture created from natural hardwood. Affording such furniture is another matter entirely. Thankfully, mango wood furniture has solved the problem that many of the budget challenged face.

Mango wood furniture is relatively inexpensive but is just as durable and beautiful as many other varieties of natural hardwood that have long been used to create furniture. Mango wood is grown in many part of the world, including India, East Asia, Brazil and Mexico.

The popularity of mango fruit is what originally drove the planting of groves all around the world. Today, however, it is both the popularity of mango fruit and the increased interest in mango wood furniture that supports the planting of more trees and the continued growth of mango groves.

Mango trees are among the longer lived species of trees in the world. They are also among the fastest growing trees. The rapid growth cycle makes them perfect for using in sustainable forestry and in the production of mango wood furniture. Unlike most other kinds of hardwood trees, mango can be replenished very quickly, ensuring that the negative effects on the environment from harvesting lumber are kept to an absolute minimum with mango wood furniture.

Importantly, when considering mango wood furniture, you should also keep in mind that you are purchasing a quality piece of furniture that will hold up for decades. In spite of the fact that mango wood is somewhat softer than other hardwoods, it is just as durable as oak and other varieties.

In other words, with mango wood furniture, you get all the benefits of natural hardwood without paying the high price that is usually found on hardwood furniture. Every variety of hardwood furniture has its unique appearance and mango wood furniture is no exception. It does project unique beauty; however, it can actually have a number of different shades, allowing mango wood furniture to be even more versatile than other varieties of hardwood furniture.

Mango wood furniture can be designed in more traditional or antique styles or it can be created in a very rustic and homey appearance. Mango is perhaps most similar in appearance to an amalgam of teak and mahogany. That being said, it has a unique appeal all its own which many people have come to love and cherish in their homes.