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Affordable backyard furniture – outdoor divaindenims shoes


Affordable backyard furniture – affordable patio furniture


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Furniture Polish Inside My Gelato

Ok, true confession, every now and then I don’t read the tags and that I bring home a special “deal” from the grocery store.     We eat very clean and I believe it’s okay to relax a bit every now and then. I pulled out the Cappuccino Gelato (Hyvee Brand) in my freezer and completely appreciated a small bowl.     It states right on the front of the carton that it is imported from Italy, so it’s exotic and going to be heavenly.     I’d no intention of studying the tag and just needed to indulge.     However, my husband immediately sits down and proceeds to read off the list.

So it has got that pleasure “new” Glucose Syrup ingredient that’s the made up name to hide High Fructose Corn Syrup, therefore that’s disappointing. The listing of things aren’t sounding terrible after that one.     Until he gets to the coated coffee bean pralines that have the fixing Shellac. I think he’s pulling my leg but there it is correct on the tag. They did not even use one of those made up names they use for shellac such as “confectioner’s glaze” or “resinous glaze.” They simply went ahead and confessed that they put furniture polish in my dessert.

I am none too happy now. I am now imagining cans of shellac/polyurethane right off the hardware store being used to dip the toxic pralines in. My resourceful husband, who thinks he is being beneficial, does a fast google search on shellac in foods and it gets uglier from here.     I found I’d simply had Italian Gelato using a side of bug blossom and squashed insect parts.     Ok, they utilize the word excrement because that sounds so sophisticated but we understand what they mean.     So today my husband and his friend are laughing hysterically at my expense and begin describing these poor children in some foreign land are forced to hold the fleas within the ice cream to get them to blossom in my ice cream.

Shellac is a coating or glaze derived from the tempered, resinous substance secreted by the lac insect. Shellac from the raw is called lac resin and can be produced mostly in Southeast Asia. It is projected that 300,000 lac insects have been killed for every 2 lbs of lac resin made. Approximately 25% of all non invasive, lac resin is composed of “insect debris” and other impurities based on the Shellac Export Promotion Council (Yeah that’s a real organization for appropriate regulation of insect poop).

If you’ve ever eaten candy that’s shiny, you’ve most definitely consumed the poop out of the Kerria lacca bug. Wonderful job but at least you know I understand how you feel.

However no worries folks because our friendly FDA provides Shellac a thumbs up using a GRAS status that means it is usually considered safe in foods. Confectioner’s glaze, the name frequently used for shellac by candy makers, is composed of approximately 35% shellac.

I know that you are wondering why ( like I was at this point) that candies are coated with shellac?   The Vegetarian Resource Group conducted a research into this and came up with a partial listing besides our Beloved Halloween candy corn:

• Hershey’s Whopper’s Malted Milk Balls™
• Hershey’s Milk Duds™
• Nestle’s Raisinettes™
• Nestle’s Goober’s™
• Tootsie Roll Industry’s Junior Mints™ (NOT Tootsie Rolls)
• Tootsie Roll Industry’s Sugar Infants™
• Jelly Belly™ jelly beans, mint crèmes
• Godiva’s™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bar; Dark Chocolate Cherries; Milk Chocolate Cashews; White Chocolate Pearls; Milk Chocolate Pearls. (This is a partial listing; consult with Godiva about specific items.)
• Gertrude Hawk’s™ chocolate-covered nuts and nuts; cupcake sprinkles; decorative cake pieces
• Russell Stover’s™ jelly beans; NOT within their chocolate-covered carrot or mint patties
• Skittles™ and Starburst™: no shellac, however they do include gelatin (an animal-derived component)

Interesting side note: Shellac is also employed as a pharmaceutical glaze to coat capsules, particularly in time-released or delayed-action tablets as not surprisingly it stops the tablet from breaking down from the stomach!

I am sorry if I ruined anyone’s day.

Healthy Blessings

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The Vegetarian Resource Blog

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The Way to anchor your furniture

Anchor It child safety video

You may believe your chest of drawers or wardrobe is much too heavy to knock over and hurt your child.

But not procuring your furniture correctly can seriously harm your little ones and even have fatal consequences.

And it is not the first example we have seen of what occurs when furniture isn’t fastened correctly. IKEA was forced to recall 29 million MALM chests of drawers after three children were crushed by the product in the last several decades.

In 2015 the US consumer product safety commission released a warning to parents using IKEA MALM furniture within their own children’s bedrooms after two children have been killed by falling furniture that the preceding year.

A two-year-old boy from West Chester, Pennsylvania, died in February 2014 after a six-drawer MALM torso dropped on him and pinned him into a bed, the announcement said.

Similarly, a 23-month-old child from Snohomish, Washington, suffered the identical fate in June 2014 if a three-drawer MALM chest tipped above and trapped him underneath.

But while first guidance was to use wall mounts, even a third departure in 2016 motivated the Swedish brand to issue a complete recall of the children’s chest of drawers higher than 23.5 inches (60 cm) and mature chests of drawers and dressers over 29.5 inches.

IKEA MALM chest of drawers come in a Variety of sizes, however, should be affixed to the wall if utilized in a Kid’s bedrooms

As a consequence of the recall, which just applied in the US, clients were offered a refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit, but advice is that in the event that you have a MALM merchandise and haven’t attached into a wall, you should take it from the reach of children.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission included along with the deaths, IKEA obtained reports of 41 tip-over incidents between the MALM chests and dressers, leading to 17 injuries to children between the ages of 19 months and 10 years old.

Would you know how to create your furniture safe?

This past year, a movie published by exactly the identical body demonstrated just how easy it is to get a child to return to harm simply by furniture in the home.

The eye-opening movie focuses on the danger that furniture could easily topple over when just a little extra weight is applied to it. The burden, as an instance, of a little child.

The first scene looks like a standard family living room. There are kids’ pictures on the walls and children’s books on shelves. On the left of this frame is really a tall chest of drawers having a TV stood at the top, such as you might find in virtually any home.

The child-sized dummy is set midway up the chest of drawers, and highlighting just how easy it is for a child to start the drawers and then use them to accelerate the furniture. As time passes, the torso begins to topple forward, landing with terrific force on top of the child dummy, with remarkable results.

The movie states: ‘A TV falling from an average-sized dresser can strike a young child with all the force of a thousand pounds.’ That is around 70 rock – nearly half times the burden of the typical girl.

The chest of drawers crushes the dummy’s own body, and the massive TV lands directly onto the dummy’s face. Worrying? Very. Are your ideas desperately turning into everything in your home that may now be a danger? Ours too.

Luckily, there is a means to safeguard this from happening to your children, simply by fitting some anti-tip devices. They can be bought cheaply on Amazon to get TV sets and furniture, and also can be fitted at home. They fasten items and keep them from coming entirely away from your wall.

Watch the movie under

Suggestions to secure your own furniture

The American Academy of Paediatrics offers the following guidance to keep your children safe from falling furniture

• Keep all dressers, bookcases, entertainment components, TV stands and TVs securely anchored, typically to a wall stud. This can be achieved using braces, brackets, anchors or wall straps.
• Keep your television on low and sturdy furniture that appropriately matches the size of this TV. Don’t set your television on any furniture that’s not intended to maintain a TV, such as dressers, as these could tip over more easily.
• Push the TV back as much as you can form the front part of the rack and make sure you abide by the instructions provided on the best way best to anchor it correctly.
• Remove items such as remote controls of toys from the top of almost any furniture as this can encourage children to scale up to attempt to achieve them.
• Place any electrical chords from reach and educate your children not to play together.

Perhaps you have fixed your furniture into the wall? Let us all know in the comments beneath

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