Dark mango wood furniture is a popular style of mango furniture where a dark stain is applied to the wood in a number of finishes to enhance the mango wood grain, protect the furniture and also give it a more styled look. There are a number of dark mango furniture ranges on the market, below we list of few great examples of these.

The Mantis Dark Mango Furniture Range

The Baku Teak Mango Furniture Range

The Tokyo Brown Teak Mango Furniture Range

The Baku Dark Solid Mango furniture is made of beautiful dark wood adorn with black metal pieces. It has a unique and exotic look. The Baku Teak Solid Mango has rustic or brownish natural Teak finish.

The Tokyo Dark Mango furniture is made with contemporary designs of the Japanese culture. The Tokyo Brown Teak is stylish stained with Teak oil and features the modern Oriental curves suitable for offices and hotels.

The Mantis Dark Mango furniture is design with simplicity and has the most natural look. It has an authentic appearance with light finish and hand waxed coating. It is perfect to any interior home design.

Dark mango wood furniture pieces like the Baku Dark Solid Mango, Tokyo Dark Mango and Mantis Dark Mango furniture are available and sold in the world market. These furniture pieces are 100% solid Mango hardwood and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. They are made into coffee tables, cabinets, drawers, dining tables, dining chairs, chests, beds and many others. These furniture pieces are perfect for residential and commercial houses.