Light mango wood furniture is a popular style of mango furniture where a light stain is applied to the wood in a number of finishes to enhance the mango wood grain, protect the furniture and also give it a more styled look than the natural wood appearance. There are a number of light mango furniture ranges on the market, below we list of few great examples of these.

The Mantis Light Mango Furniture Range

The Baku Light Mango Furniture Range

If you need furniture, check out the light mango wood furniture product line. Light mango products are made out of 100% solid wood. There are many benefits when you purchase mango wood furniture. Your mango wood can last for generations if it is cared for properly. Manufacturers use mango to make a wide range of furniture. For example, this wood is used to make tables, chest of drawers, sideboards and beds.

Keep in mind that there are different ranges of mango wood furniture. There is a light colour range and there is a dark colour range. The most common light ranges are called Mantis, Baku, and Shabby Chic. The most common dark ranges are called Tokyo Brown Teak, Mantis Dark, and Baku Teak. You have a selection of colours that you can use to decorate your home or office.

When you buy mango wood, you get a superior product. There are no veneers or clipboards attached to this furniture. Mango wood is harder than black cherry wood and it is also water-resistant. You will never see this furniture crack. Customers can buy light mango furniture online or by using a catalog. There is a mango product for every area of the home.