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Bare wood furniture – Iron, wood, cement, concrete, bare materials, empty spaces, and so on. At first glance it is likely that this all sounds like everything but decoration. But we cannot forget that the styles of decoration form a wide range and are not always sweet and soft styles, but there are also other styles of decoration of a character cooler and rude that is not less elegant, such as style industrial. We work with products of all possible styles, aiming to offer the necessary products to give your home the desired style, plus endless ideas and style guides for you to report and find out what your favorite decorating style is.

Finishing Bare Wood Furniture Dining

Unlike what the name of this bare wood furniture style of decoration may suggest, industrial style is not a soulless and rude style, but has an undeniable bohemian and artistic character. This is due in large part to the origin of the industrial style. The industrial style originated in the United States during the 50’s. At this time, the artists left the city in search of space and began to settle in abandoned factories that turned into what we now know as lofts. The artists made good use of these abandoned industrial spaces and took advantage of the decoration creating what is known today as an industrial style.

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Although bare wood furniture style is not exclusive to artists today, it is true that it has not lost its character of creativity and avant-garde. The industrial style is ideal for innovative people who like to take advantage of spaces and play with existing materials to create a unique decoration style. the industrial style is characterized by combining factory-like materials with decorative pieces of design, ideal for decorating a loft . The ideal would be to have a large and diaphanous space that gives a sense of spaciousness. The first step of the industrial style is not to mask or hide construction materials.

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Solid Wood Furniture | Designer Furniture Ltd | Rustic Wood Furniture Designer Furniture Ltd

What is Solid Wood? Wood is commonly used to make furniture, but did you know that almost any type of wood can be used to construct home furniture. Some woods are classed as soft woods like Pine, Cedar and Spruce. These softwoods are still ideal for furniture makers, the finished product tends to be less expensive than the equivalent hardwood product. Hardwoods come from trees that grow slower making them a denser wood. These hardwoods are excellent for providing a cabinetmaker with a material that will withstand years of wear and use. The most common hardwood tends to be Solid Oak. Did you know that there are more than 60 species of oak grown in America, which can be separated into two basic varieties, white and red. The red variety is also known as black oak. Our best selling Brooklyn Oak Furniture range is made using American White Oak. Another popular hardwood found in furniture is Mahogany, also known as Honduras. Mahogany is a tropical hardwood indigenous to South America, Central America and Africa. There are many different grades and species sold under this name, which vary widely in quality and price. Mahogany which comes from the Caribbean is thought to be the hardest, strongest and best quality. Our range of La Roque Furniture is made from this strong hardwood. Other popular hardwoods that are used in furniture on our website are Sheesham, Walnut, Mango, Ash and Beech. Here at Designer Furniture we can guide you and give you information on what your desired piece of furniture is made from.

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Vintage Sideboard | Wood Furniture

Vintage sideboard – Bring the warmth of autumn interior with gorgeous decoration take your inspiration from amazing earthy rusts, orange and yellow autumn leaves. Crunchy old twigs of creaking wood, a full page of tree leaves, pear and orange pumpkin, enjoying the autumn colors mixed with golden color. The colors of the rustic antique furniture of natural wood carved relief adorned in shades of red and green make the light of the interior of autumn and bring the element of the land of joy into playing a kaleidoscope of the nature of autumn. Old doors with worn patina, smooth color shades, some reds and greens are enough to bring the colors of the Earth. Accent doors with garlands made of fresh leaves on your page to add cinnamon sticks and candles to accommodate in a fall.

White Vintage Sideboard

The wall of drawing with a view of autumn, seated perfectly in the frame of the old window accentuated with carved leaves and fruit. Vintage arches made of fireplace, decorated with iron chandeliers and large candles and seasonal fruits. Small carved pumpkins in a variety of vintage sideboard and door accent shapes and sizes. Antique cabinet in red and ochre patina brings decorative elements of new autumn and add warmth to your home. A lot of fun maple leaf that sat in a wooden door coat recovered in ancient India brought life silenced ivory walls. Classic Log house in the Rocky Mountains are dotted with throw pillows and wool pashminas, accented stone fireplaces with Gothic door really steals the scene.

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Large family gather around the old door dining table with rustic iron chairs, red wine and cozy family night, vintage sideboard teal on the console server. Antique furniture that lush and the autumn colors of the amazing awesome together. The liquor chest or the door style of the medieval wrought cupboard in a bar the possibilities are endless. Console and sideboards in recycled wood and terrazzo or tile, bright turquoise paint and some green iron nails, old and carved flower motifs, each piece is unique and consciously designed to tell a story. Enjoy reading your favorite book on the terrace decorated with Handcarved sculptures in India brought the Zen of the ancient times.

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Very Durable Acacia Wood Furniture | Wood Furniture

Acacia wood furniture – When buying a piece of furniture, we often have a lot of doubts about the characteristics of each type of wood and its suitability or not for decorating our house, as well as its ability to adapt to the interior and / or exterior of the house. Aware of this, we will briefly review some of the main types of wood that are currently used to make the pieces of furniture. Wood Acacia wood stands out for its hardness and elasticity. It is a very durable material, able to withstand very well the changes of humidity .

Rustic Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood furniture favorite place is the interior of the house, although it responds perfectly in the terrace or the garden of the house, where it can end up offering a resistance of more than 20 years without any type of treatment. However, if we treat it properly with specific products for the care of wood, we can significantly extend its useful life and enjoy it for much longer. Acacia wood is used especially in countries of northern Europe and, consequently, to create environments of Nordic or Scandinavian style .

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Wood Mango wood is, due to its hardness, density and lightness, one of the best options for furniture and decoration accessories in general . The pieces made in this wood present a wide variety of colors ranging from blond to dark chestnut, passing through rosy tones. It is also easy to carve and shape, lending itself to decorate it with all kinds of engravings. If it were not enough, it is very resistant to water, so it is also used to make kitchenware, which can be cleaned repeatedly without deteriorating its material. Like acacia wood furniture, it is designed for interior decoration , but can also be used for the terrace or the garden.

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Restoring Wood Furniture

Real wood never went away. But it certainly went out of fashion. Now “brown wood furniture” is making a comeback, so here’s how to make any old piece look as good as new.

Do you want to retain the grain, or transform it with colour? For a natural finish, use wax and be prepared to buff, buff and buff again to get a rich, glossy look. Clean the piece with a suitable wood cleaner. You may have to sand it gently to remove flakes of varnish and other imperfections: use methylated spirit and the finest wire wool. On bare wood, use a wood-sealer, wax liberally with a cloth and let it dry. Then buff. You will need lots of cloths, so rip up old T-shirts or sheets. Leave for 24 hours and repeat, really working in the wax.

For a deeper effect or colour, choose from coloured waxes, wood stain or wood dye; Ronseal, Mylands and Colron are all recommended brands. Waxes give a subtle effect, stain accentuates the grain and dye provides the most uniform colour, evening out imperfections. Apply wax as above, apply a stain with a cloth, or brush on a dye, blending it in the direction of the grain. Build up with several thin coats. An initial coat of wood sealer provides a base and helps to prevent a blotchy finish. If the wood really is beyond rescue, sand it down and paint with thin layers of emulsion, followed by a top coat of beeswax polish. This gives a pleasing vintage look.

Touch up surface scratches with a matching wood furniture crayon from hardware and DIY stores. Or mix up a colour with watercolour paints and apply with a soft sable paintbrush. Experts advise melting coloured furniture wax into the scratch and shaving off the excess with a razor blade, but this could be a tricky job! If the scratch is deep it could let moisture in and cause mould, so it needs specialist attention.

Tips for treating ring marks caused by hot cups or dishes include applying a paste made from cigarette ash and lemon juice, allowing it to dry, wiping off, then buffing with wax, or rubbing the surface of the wood with a walnut shell. If you can find it, a product called Ringaway claims to remove heat marks and water marks on wood. Another way to tackle water marks is to rub in mayonnaise (yes, really), olive oil or toothpaste. Allow to dry then buff up.

Once or twice a year, anoint your wood furniture with beeswax polish and a soft cloth and rub it in with a lint-free cloth. Try Lakeland for a good range of waxes and polishes. “Thirsty” wood such as pine and unfinished oak benefits from a regular going-over with Danish oil (such as Briwax, from around Pounds 3.50 for 250 ml). This may darken the wood slightly, but adds to the patina.

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Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture | Wood Furniture


Reclaimed barn wood furniture – Reclaimed wood furniture made of wood that has been rescued from houses, barns or any old buildings being torn down. This is a great way to re-use of limited resources. Happy wood is a renewable resource, we plant trees and such plants, and then it could be harvested and replanted over and over again. The bottom line is that trees take time to grow in the long term. There is also a tendency to plant species of fruit trees, such as certain commercial easier harvesting age of trees and of the same type. This leads to the possibility of diseases or pests to eliminate certain types of trees due to their concentration. Using reclaimed wood, wood workers are environmentally friendly with these resources because there is no new trees are harvested to make tables and their wardrobes. This wood will go to landfills or incinerated if that’s not it. Kind of Working with wood has a lot of trouble for her.

Small Entry Way Storage Bench

The first is labor intensive and carefully remove all the reclaimed barn wood furniture in the building. Nails must be removed and boards and beams removed without damaging them. Wood needs to be sorted by type and size. Both wooden craft should be able to pick through the stack to find the most suitable wood with bits of furniture he made. They will require additional old wood recovered from wood will always have tears or holes out or split that must be worked around, as well as taking into account the normal losses by milling and planning. Modern techniques and often adhesive should be used to create structural wood sound. Marine epoxy is usually used to hold the split together.

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Wood workers must inspect the entire surface of each Board before passing through one of his machines. One missed the nail can chip the blade Planner. The building’s actually reclaimed barn wood furniture is the same as using new wood, after wood was cleaned and sealed. As wood ages the rich color tones. Using reclaimed wood, he grew rich nuances related to Maple, cherry, walnut, etc. So, when craftsmen built with this material is rich in wood color shines through in finishing. Although using wood buildings that were demolished by a friendly it is considered a renewable resource that is limited. There are a number of barns and buildings demolished, when it will produce quality wood. Today, constructed with plywood and sheet steel that will not be used for furniture in the future.

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