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Bare wood furniture – Iron, wood, cement, concrete, bare materials, empty spaces, and so on. At first glance it is likely that this all sounds like everything but decoration. But we cannot forget that the styles of decoration form a wide range and are not always sweet and soft styles, but there are also other styles of decoration of a character cooler and rude that is not less elegant, such as style industrial. We work with products of all possible styles, aiming to offer the necessary products to give your home the desired style, plus endless ideas and style guides for you to report and find out what your favorite decorating style is.

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Unlike what the name of this bare wood furniture style of decoration may suggest, industrial style is not a soulless and rude style, but has an undeniable bohemian and artistic character. This is due in large part to the origin of the industrial style. The industrial style originated in the United States during the 50’s. At this time, the artists left the city in search of space and began to settle in abandoned factories that turned into what we now know as lofts. The artists made good use of these abandoned industrial spaces and took advantage of the decoration creating what is known today as an industrial style.

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Although bare wood furniture style is not exclusive to artists today, it is true that it has not lost its character of creativity and avant-garde. The industrial style is ideal for innovative people who like to take advantage of spaces and play with existing materials to create a unique decoration style. the industrial style is characterized by combining factory-like materials with decorative pieces of design, ideal for decorating a loft . The ideal would be to have a large and diaphanous space that gives a sense of spaciousness. The first step of the industrial style is not to mask or hide construction materials.

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