Beautiful Rustic Pieces of Furniture for the House or Garden

I found a passion for building timberframe structures to Duncan Dodds (local carpenter/joiner) and Tim Atkins (experienced chainsaw carving artist) from Artisan Structures, that are based in the Newmarket area in Suffolk. Their other passion is creating beautiful rustic pieces of furniture for the house or garden, using a wide range of hardwoods, letting the beauty of the wood come through. They can work from sketched ideas or CAD designs from an architect. They enjoy discussing with the customer what they are trying to achieve and coming up with ideas with them to make the perfect piece of furniture or structure. Here you can admire some of their works … How does it look?

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Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants | Jim Campbell’s

Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants

crew-2231211The western nation “Main Stream media.” won’t cover this …

That’s why if you want to know what is going on that they want us not to understand, go to a reputable blogger.

Of course, this is all illegal.

Here we disclose how your friendly Muslim next door is selling arms illegally.


That’s right, Fort Meyers, Florida.

Originally: September 28, 2016

Yeah, keep letting them into our country!!!

If this doesn’t convince you that this IMMIGRATION is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION then nothing

Wonder still why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees?

Wonder no longer, it’s Obama and Hillary’s goal to have as many as possible granted refugee status where they become immediately able to receive all the goodies provide through our overly stretched safety net to be used for U.S. Citizens.

This will all be halted by President Donald Trump who has promised to lock down our borders.

If you have doubts about Muslim immigration, this might help clear them up!!!

82 Responses to Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants

  1. 1dragon says:

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

  3. Harely hunter says:

    Didnt castro do something like this allready. When will noth america learn from previous mistakes

  4. SIMPLEMAN says:


  5. howardnema says:

  6. Jecoliah says:

    In no case would gun smuggling be good, but this happened in Greece. The shipment, discovered by the Greek Coastguard, was headed for Libya.

  7. Freedom Rules says:

    The Leftist Are Communist, Everything Going On Is Straight Out Of Saul Alinsky’s “RULES FOR RADICLS” Which HRC And Obama Praised.. Look Whats Happening In Our Country, Paid Protesters, Communist Professors In Our Collages indoctrinating Our Youth, Some Of These Kids Have Complained About Harassment From Professors And Other Kids Who Are Brain Washed Bad Grades If They Disagreed With Their Communist Professors And So On.. Right Now Obama Has A Shadow Government That Is Working To Take Trump Down, No One In Our History Of exPresidents Has This Ever Happened.. Obama And Most Of The DemonRAT Party Are Communist.. You Can Find Out A lot More Information By Just Doing The Research.

  8. miers Richard c says:

    Hay this kind of stuff is already I’m America in every muslim house of prayer in in America and all those container sips bringing stuff to America how do we know they aren’t full of the same thing they found over there and don’t tell me there is to much security , muslims have worked there way into every place in America and we have let them they are or could be in the teamsters union and bring containers full of guns and ammo in anytime they want . WE MUST RID THE U.S. OFF ALL MUSLIMS AND DO IT SOON !. y’ALL MAY THINK THAT IS STUPID but 99% of all muslims [man woman and child] would cut your head off if given the order to do so I say clean your guns keep stocking up an ammo and protect your family by teaching them to use a weapon. Amen and God bless us all

  9. Carl says:

    Sad that i shared this without fact checking only to shown it IS A HOAX FROM SEPT LAST YEAR.
    If you wantto claim to be a “reputable blogger” you should fact check your stories – especially ones that align perfectly with your beliefs, otherwise you are no more reputable than CNN 😦This is not a hoax you didn’t understand what your read. The company that shipped the materials, Conex was from Florida.

  10. Gerrit Tienkamp says:

  11. Dave Ward says:

    Did I overlook where these conexes full of guns and ammo were found?

  12. Robert Prestwood says:

    Trumps executive order has legitimate basis. 9th Appeals Court sucks!!

  13. anthony postero says:

    I am all for the temporary ban on immigrants until we get our security checks properly in place but I would suggest all of you research your articles first.

  14. Kasey says:

    Yeah Thank God they did catch it this time, but how much and how many times prior to this load made it into those gentle little Muslims hands. If you think this was the first time they pulled this off, we’ll think again. It is not a matter of if the Muslims will try something, get real, it just a matter of when. They are not the near as dumb as Obama, they are not going to tell us play by play of what and when they intend to do something. Thank God for the men and women of the
    FBI, CIA, NSA, and all the other federal, and others gathering information to
    keep us safe.

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‘This is about begging for our lives’: Parkland students reveal plan to destroy politicians in bed with NRA

‘This is about begging for our lives’: Parkland students reveal plan to destroy politicians in bed with NRA

David Edwards
18 Feb 2018 at 09:39 ET                   

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida CNN/screen grab)

Survivors from the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida said on Sunday that they expect students around the country to stand up against and “shame any politicians taking money from NRA and using us for collateral.”

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, kids from Douglas High School revealed that students around the country would be participating in a march in support of gun safety laws.

“The reason we started March for Our Lives and the reason we are doing this on March 24th, we’ve been hearing a lot that this is not the time to talk about gun control,” junior Cameron Kasky explained. “Here’s the time to talk about gun control: March 24th. My message for the people in office is, you’re either with us or against us. We are losing our lives while the adults are playing around.”

“On March 24th, you are going to be seeing students in every single major city marching and we have our lives on the line,” he continued. “And at the end of the day, that is going to be what’s bringing us to victory and to making some sort of right out of this tragedy.”

“This is about us begging for our lives. This isn’t about the GOP, this isn’t about the Democrats. This is about us creating a badge of shame for any politicians who are accepting money from the NRA and using us as collateral.”

Watch the video below from CNN.

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Trump campaign co-chair gets 20 years for sexual abuse and trafficking teens

Trump campaign co-chair gets 20 years for sexual abuse and trafficking teens

Tom Boggioni
11 Feb 2018 at 10:03 ET                   

Screengrab of WKRC, Local 12 in Cincinnati.

Tea Party leader and former Trump campaign chair Tim Nolan has pleaded guilty and received 20 years in prison for human trafficking, reports

According to the report, Nolan, 71, a former judge, used drugs and threats of arrest to force women and girls under the age of 18 into sex acts.

Pleading guilty to 21 of the counts filed against him — for crimes committed dating back to 2004 — Nolan accepted a plea deal where he will serve  20 years in prison and pay a $100,000 fine, becoming eligible for parole in four years, his attorney stated.

Some of the incidents occurred in the summer of 2016 while Judge Nolan was serving as the chair of the Donald Trump campaign in Campbell County, KY.

Nolan served as a district judge in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and had just been elected to the Campbell County School Board in 2016 prior to be indicted.

According to a report read by Judge Kathleen Lape, Nolan paid some victims with heroin and painkillers in exchange for sex and threatened at least one victim, who lived on his property in southern Campbell County, with eviction unless she performed sex acts on him. Additionally Nolan told some of his victims — some under the age of 18 — that he would turn them into to the FBI if they didn’t comply with his demands.

Nolan faced more than 100 years in prison on 28 felony charges, including four counts of human trafficking of a minor.

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Rand Paul’s Wife Says She Keeps Loaded Gun by Her Bed Out of Fear of Liberal Attacks

The wife of Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said Friday she had upgraded her home’s security system and even sleeps with a loaded gun by her bed as she fears violence by liberals in today’s exceedingly contentious political climate.

Kelley Paul described how she had set up several extra security measures to make sure she would be safe even if someone broke into her home while she was there.

“We’ve updated all of our security systems at home. I sleep with a loaded gun by my bed. I’m home alone a lot, obviously when Rand is [in Washington], and so I’ve got deadbolts all around my house so that if someone’s in my house when I go to bed I’m deadbolted in three different levels,” Paul told Breitbart for an interview published Monday.

She also commented about the recent rash of protestors heckling prominent politicians at restaurants in Washington. The most recent example was Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and his wife last month as protestors forced the couple to leave a restaurant after chants against Cruz’s support of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“It’s bizarre. I’ve never been like this in my whole life…” Paul said. “We used to never even lock our doors, and now that has all changed. Even going out to dinner in D.C., last night, you worry. You hope that people aren’t going to come up and just start screaming at you.”

paul wife loaded gun liberal attacks Sen. Rand Paul and Kelley Paul attend the Capitol File 58th Presidential Inauguration Reception at Fiola Mare on January 19, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Kelley Paul, the wife of Senator Rand Paul, said Friday she feared attacks by liberals and had updated her home’s security. Capitol File Magazine via Getty Images/Paul Morigi

Paul also appeared to chastise politicians, presumably Representative Maxine Waters of California, for encouraging protestors to harass politicians in public places.

“Words do matter, and there are so many, quite frankly, unhinged [and] unstable people out there, and when they hear someone on their side telling them, ‘Get up in their face,’ they take that literally, and they think that gives them a license to be very aggressive, be harassing, throw people out of restaurants, and I don’t think anybody wants to live in a country like that.”

Senator Paul was subjected to a violent assault last year by his neighbor Rene Boucher, an attack that led to several broken ribs and time away from Washington. However, the lawyer for the neighbor said his client, a registered Democrat, was not motivated to attack Paul for political reasons. The incident was about brush between property lines and Boucher was sentenced in June to 30 days in jail for attacking a member of Congress

Other examples of apparent harassment by anti-Trump administration protestors included Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller earlier this year over the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that led to thousands of children of illegal immigrations separated from their parents.

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