Changing Furniture: An Office Chair That Turns Into Lounge Chair

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Do you recall the smart mechanism made by Sander Lorier that enabled an office chair to become a sofa chair? He’s now redesigned and elegant it, making this very cool piece of furniture that’s now upward on Kickstarter:

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The space-saving chair, and the engineering that went into it, are obviously not cheap: The chair starts at $715 (USD $844) for the manual version, and $845 (USD $998) for the automatic variant, which operates by means of a pneumatic piston. At this time Lorier was at $11,053 in faking for a16,284 target, and for his sake I hope he leaves it ; I’m quite curious to find out what other items he’ll design if rewarded with success.

Rain Noe is a writer and industrial designer based in new york.

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