Easy Bleached Wood Furniture

Thinking about rescuing an old furniture piece?     Let us look at bleach to get a minute and think outside stains and paints.     Forests that are natural are back with complete force for 2018 and I love it. That is one reason I decided to take a pair of nightstands I’d painted in an understated chic fashion (10 years ago) and bring them back to their own natural wood condition.     So how do you do that exactly?     Well I am talking about how easy it’s to bleach wood furniture even if its been painted.

easy bleach wood furniture: the beach affect


My brother gave me when I was about 24 years old, these nightstand when I Purchased my first home straight back.     These are my first DIY furniture makeovers. I used these night coordinating and racks bed for many years in my guest room, but its time to get a shake! As I scoured the Web for inspiration, then this beachy wood kept catching my eye.     I needed to figure out a way.     That’s when I discovered you could BLEACH WOOD!     So here are.

How to Bleach Wood Furniture

If your furniture piece is painted, your yearning na Need to strip off it just like me.     I used this exact product and it worked superbly.     If You Wish to see a Genuine video of this measure by step, check my Instagram tales HERE.     *Affiliate links used throughout this post.

You’ll Need these products:


Paper plate

Plastic & or drop cloth

Glass container

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I believed sanding off the paint but immediately decided it’d happen forever, and I wouldn’t end up with the result I really wanted. If you want to get the paint off, striper is your way to go.     My friend Brooke has Plenty of experience with paint stripper, and her tutorial was a valuable resource for me personally.     I would defiantly check it out before you start on your furniture piece.     Click here to see & when to use paint stripper.

It took me setup to clean up to finish stripping my nightstands of their paint.     I left just a few spots of paint just for personality. You can undoubtedly get rid of the paint. I really found this paint stripping procedure and relaxing believe it not.     However, it’s messy.

Now on to the Bleach! There are actual wood bleaches on the market, however, I discovered my regular outdated house hold Clorox did the trick.     This mild bleach may solve color problems that are refinishing. It works nicely for blotchy locations and for slight overall lightening, but it will not alter the color of the wood radically. Before you use a more powerful bleach on any part of furniture, then attempt laundry bleach; it usually does the trick.

You can see my nightstands needed a bit of an orange undertone.     Orange isn’t my favorite color nor the appearance I was after.   I implemented laundry bleach full-strength, cleaning it evenly over the entire face of my furniture.     I repeated this procedure about 5 times throughout the span of a day until I got. I allow the bleach dry before adding a fresh coat of bleach. I was amazed at the consequences.     I rinsed my nightstands and then allow them dry during the night.     You can see in the photograph under the gap between the original wood color to the two drawers (top and bottom).

If you’re removing stains or lightening stained areas, apply bleach full-strength to those areas. Laundry bleach functions fast. After a moment or 2, you need to be able to find the stain fading. If you’re bleaching an old stain, then wipe off the bleach with a damp cloth when the stain has lightened.

You can stop here along with your freshly bleached furniture, but I desired that bleached wood shore affect, therefore I took it one step farther.     I used this white washed pickling stain to Get the Appearance.     I simply applied one coat of this stain with a sponge following the path of the grain.     It included that the closing white bit I was looking for.

Get the Appearance (Scroll & Tap)

There ya have it! Bleached wood furniture is definitely one of the Preferred methods to revamp a classic piece of furniture.     When you found this tutorial useful, please pin down the first picture and help me share it with other people.     I would love if you joined me on Instagram and for most of my diy tutorials, home jobs, recipes, new home upgrades, and design tips by subscribing to Remington Avenue below.

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