Instant Rocking Seat!


The Outdoor Bascule rocks. No, I still mean it stones! Designed to turn any surface the Outdoor Bascule is determined by a seat to provide its activity that is rocking to the chair. It turns areas that aren’t conducive to sitting in ideal sitting areas with the added advantage of being able to rock back and forth. Now who does not like this?

Unlike most rocking chairs (as well as regular chairs), the Outdoor Bascule is portable and readily transportable. The two armrests are easy to flat-pack and carry, while the chair element itself is stackable, making logistics quite straightforward. Once you’re at the park, or on your balcony resolve the armrests and you have yourself a chair with a backrest that stones without tipping over making that evening a joy.

The Bascule (french for see-saw) was built with brand new parents in mind. The Outdoor Bascule becomes an element in the playing-time involving their infants and parents. The Bascule is excellent for all sorts of applications. Wouldn’t you hesitate to carry it and rock gently back and forth while flipping or crack open a bottle of chardonnay and stone away, being kissed by sunlight, listening to soft jazz?







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