Mandala Style Stencil

Furniture Stencil Wall Painting

This stencil that is easy to use wall is a ideal solution for the decoration idea. Be aware: This is a stencil. *Need a bigger size? Contact us for quotation. * THE SIZE OF THE STENCIL THAT WE USE ON 1st PICTURE IS 42 x 42 * Check out our edge stencil that was made exclusively for this design: Check out our additional mandalas stencils:§ion_id=17579064 -If you select diameter of these stencil from 16 to 23 you will get full design. -you will receive half of this design that you could paint twice to acquire whole circle, Should you choose diameter of this stencil that begins from 24. Here’s a few useful posts: 
How to stencil: Decorating with a Stencil or Decal. Which one to pick? : ABOUT DECORATIVE WALL STENCILS: MOST POPULAR STENCILS: About our stencil products: -Cut to order with materials manufactured in the USA -Easy-to-install and paint over -Can be utilized to smooth to slightly-textured surfaces -Reusable stencil What You Get: -stencil -education CUSTOMIZATIONS Sizes and Reversed Images additionally, sizes may be changed upon request. Contact us for pricing for dimension adjustments and reversed images. Customized Designs Need a distinctive design? No problem! Send a message into our store to turn your idea to art. 311

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