Selency raises $3.3 million for its online marketplace for second-hand furniture

French startup Selency (formerly known as Brocante Lab) has raised a $3.3 million Series A round (3 million) led by Accel with Kima Ventures participating.

Many of you should be familiar with online furniture retailers like But what about second-hand furniture? Right now, you still have to go to an antique shop, or maybe look for classified ads on the web. Or maybe youll have to block your Sunday to go to a flea market. Its nowhere near as convenient as ordering something on an e-commerce website.

Selency plans to solve that by working with both customers and professional dealers in the second-hand furniture industry. All of them can list their items on Selency. On the other end of the equation, browsing Selency is a much more visual and convenient experience if you want a desk, you can just browse the desk category and look at photos.

In particular, it could make second-hand furniture more accessible to customers who just dont want to spend time looking for the perfect chair.

Over a thousand professional sellers use the platform to list their items. Selency lets you pick up the piece of furniture yourself if you happen to be nearby. The seller can also ship it, or Selency can take care of the delivery.

Accels Luciana Lixandru and Showroomprivs Thierry Petit are joining the board. The company plans to use todays funding round for marketing purposes and to hire more people and improve the product.

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Hilary Duff Seems A Tad Jealous Having To Share A Bed With BF Jason Walsh & His Other (Puppy) Love!

No cuddles for Hilary Duff!

On Wednesday, the former Disney darling took to Snapchat to share a pic of her new boyfriend, Jason Walsh,oozing some serious puppy love vibes for — well, his dog!

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For the pic (above), the Younger actress wrote:

“Well this isn’t fair”


This lovey dovey snap comes over a week after the mother-of-one became Instagram official with the Rise Nation founder. In case you forgot, back in September, the 29-year-old couldn’t stop blushing while talking about her trainer/BF during an interview with Good Day New York. Things have certainly heated up, haven’t they?

As you surely know, Hil and Jason have been romantically linked since earlier in 2016 but obviously didn’t make things official until Miz Duff finalized her divorce from Mike Comrie.

Nonetheless, we’re honestly so thrilled to see how happy Hilary is in her new relationship. Even if she is currently jealous of a dog. LOLz!

What do YOU think? Have you ever been envious of a S.O.’s pet?

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Snapchat.]

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Possible Burial Bed Of Jesus Christ Excavated In Jerusalem

The tomb many scholars have attributed to being the final (or perhaps not-so-final) resting place of Jesus Christ is currently beingattended to by conservationists.The primary reason for this work is to make sure the Edicule the tomb-like shrine within Jerusalems Church of the Holy Sepulchre will remain structurally intact for the foreseeable future.

However, archaeologists were also given 60 hours to examine the tomb itself, including parts of it that havent seen the light of day for almost a millennium. As exclusively revealed by National Geographic (NG), the team led by the National Technical University of Athens have already uncovered a treasure trove of secrets that produces more questions than it answers.

Its been known for some time that the tomb contains a limestone shelf, dating back to around the year 30, on which Christ is said to have been placed after his crucifixion. The church was built around it during the 4thcentury, and layers of marble were placed atop the shelf during the mid-16th century.

The team of researchers carefully removed these marble slabs for the first time in several hundred years. Underneath, they found a second slab adorned with an engraving of a cross dating back to the time of the Crusades. The team did not think that it wasthe original surface of the limestone shelf, and continued to work.

Just hours before their time was up, they managed to find the buried original layer of limestone the ancient deathbed at the heart of the holiest site in all of Christendom.

I’m absolutely amazed. My knees are shaking a little bit because I wasn’t expecting this,Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic’s archaeologist-in-residence, told NG.We can’t say 100 percent, but it appears to be visible proof that the location of the tomb has not shifted through time, something that scientists and historians have wondered for decades.

Ground-penetrating radar was also used to confirm that the original limestone cave from which the shelf was hewn is contained within the walls of the Edicule.

Jerusalem’s Old City. Ivoha/Shutterstock

As it turns out, there are more than a thousand rock-cut tombs in and around Jerusalem. Although all the religious paraphernalia associated with this particular burial site seems to indicate that this was indeed the resting place of Jesus Christ if he was in fact real its actually difficult to say for sure.

The site has had a chaotic history. Ruler after ruler built church upon church over the site, and many were destroyed over the centuries. Perhaps the original identifier of the tomb was mistaken all along, and this is a 2,000-year-old wild goose chase. Then again, perhaps they were right.

Either way, its a fairly extraordinary tale one that is still being written today.

[H/T: National Geographic]

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