Found A Store That Sells Rainbow Wedding Shoes And Bought Them

My wedding was just around the corner and I already had everything ready for it. I had my dress picked out and the jewelry I was going to wear. I hadn’t picked out shoes yet and needed to find the ones I wanted. I went online and searched for wedding shoes and that’s when I found the love lane boutique Shoes website. I really liked their prices and selection of shoes they had available. They were also able to dye them whichever color I wanted.

I wanted to try these shoes on before purchasing them so I looked to see which stores in my area had them for sale. I found a few different wedding shops that were selling the Rainbow Wedding Shoes. One of these stores I visited while shopping for a dress so I knew where it was located. I went to see if they had the shoes I found on the website. I was able to find the exact shoes that I saw online and I tried them on. I liked the way they fit and they were actually cheaper in the store than they were online. I decided that I was going to buy these shoes.

I was happy with my decision to find these shoes in person and try them on before buying them. I was able to see how they fit and take them home the same day. I didn’t have to wait on shipping or take the chance of them getting lost or damaged in the mail. I really love these shoes because they are a design I like and they are really comfortable. It was worth seeking out this particular brand and buying them. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of shoes.

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