End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

The end of tenancy cleaning of your rental property could be the difference between getting your security deposit back and not. It is important that you consider a number of tips that will help you complete your end of tenancy cleaning. Click here now to get tips that can help you save money while doing this cleaning.

Do The Cleaning Yourself

How your end of tenancy cleaning is done will be something you determine and not the landlord. Your landlord cannot force you to hire a cleaning company and you can do this yourself if you want to save money. Of course, if you think that your landlord will try to without your deposit regardless of how well you clean, you might want to get a cleaning service so you can prove that the property was properly cleaned.

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Start In The Kitchen

When you start cleaning the property, you should start with the kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that you have to pay close attention to and spend the most amount of time cleaning. These rooms are the ones that landlord pay attention to when they inspect the property and if they are clean, you are more likely to get your deposit back.

When you clean the kitchen, you need to remove everything from the cupboards and shelves. You will then need to clean all of the surfaces and inside the cupboards. If the refrigerator was included in the rental, you will also need to clean this. All appliances that came with the property will need to be cleaned as thoroughly as you can.

Cleaning The Bathroom

When you clean the bathroom, you need to take the time to wipe down every surface. This will include the bath, the sinks, the toilet and the mirrors. You should also check that all of the drains are clear of blockages. This is something that your landlord might look at and you want to avoid any issues with this.

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You also need to pay attention to any of the metallic surfaces in the bathroom. You should ensure that limescale and soap build-ups have been removed. You should also check the showerhead to see if there are any plugged holes. To unplug these holes you can soak the showerhead in vinegar.

Clean The Windows

Clean Notts suggest that cleaning the windows is something that many people forget when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, but this is very important. If you have dirty windows, the landlord may have a clouded view of how clean the interior of the property is. Cleaning the windows is important and you should do this only at the very end of the tenancy to ensure that they do not become dirty before the property inspection.

If you have windows that you are not able to reach, you will need to ensure that they are clean inside. You will then have to hire a window cleaner to help with the outside of the windows. To ensure that the windows are sparkling, you should use vinegar to clean the glass.

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