3 Successful Tips For Advertising To Students

Advertisers for years have wanted the secret to cracking the 18-30 advertising demographic, but it has proven harder than it looks. It is believed that Millennials haven’t developed brand loyalties yet, which is why many companies try advertising to students when they hope to bump their sales. Fortunately, there is seed marketing agency that can instill brand loyalty and advertise to students:

1. Since most college aged students can’t afford cable television, they use YouTube for entertainment. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the number of students accessing YouTube by creating your own videos. The purpose of these videos is to instruct rather than to sell your products. Think of the things that a student may find relevant in the modern world and create a how-to video.

2. Marketing doesn’t have to be solely done online. In fact, http://www.seedmarketingagency.com/advertising-to-students can be as simple as visiting a local college or your own alma mater to weigh in on a topic pertaining to business. Professors will more than likely allow you to talk about your company and products during the class.

3. College students don’t have a lot of money to spend and their credit cards are often maxed out. The problem with many companies is that they don’t consider that college students don’t have a lot of money to burn through. If you can sell products or services that are well below competitors’ pricing, students will see you as their own personal hero.

Before you jump the marketing bandwagon, it’s always advisable to figure out what your demographic is looking for in terms of products or what they hope to spend. Marketing aimlessly will never do you any favors as it will often miss the needs of the average Millennial.

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