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Acacia wood furniture – When buying a piece of furniture, we often have a lot of doubts about the characteristics of each type of wood and its suitability or not for decorating our house, as well as its ability to adapt to the interior and / or exterior of the house. Aware of this, we will briefly review some of the main types of wood that are currently used to make the pieces of furniture. Wood Acacia wood stands out for its hardness and elasticity. It is a very durable material, able to withstand very well the changes of humidity .

Rustic Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood furniture favorite place is the interior of the house, although it responds perfectly in the terrace or the garden of the house, where it can end up offering a resistance of more than 20 years without any type of treatment. However, if we treat it properly with specific products for the care of wood, we can significantly extend its useful life and enjoy it for much longer. Acacia wood is used especially in countries of northern Europe and, consequently, to create environments of Nordic or Scandinavian style .

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Wood Mango wood is, due to its hardness, density and lightness, one of the best options for furniture and decoration accessories in general . The pieces made in this wood present a wide variety of colors ranging from blond to dark chestnut, passing through rosy tones. It is also easy to carve and shape, lending itself to decorate it with all kinds of engravings. If it were not enough, it is very resistant to water, so it is also used to make kitchenware, which can be cleaned repeatedly without deteriorating its material. Like acacia wood furniture, it is designed for interior decoration , but can also be used for the terrace or the garden.

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